Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cyberbullies... The New Mean Kid in Gym?

Cyber bullying has become more than just trolling anonymously on the hot sit of the days comment section of the late 90's and early 2000's. We now are seeing the anonymous trolls being our kids peers in their grade schools finding anything they can to find "not cool" and get inside undeveloped minds of kids pulling at their sensitive strings. Knowing that in most kids minds at school the popularity factor plays a big part of the school day and now after school have to worry about what might be said on the social media app at their finger tips. Where does it stop? When does the bullying happening count as in school and not just after school. It used to be if someone wanted to fight another student they had to first walk in to their houses for the repercussions at school to be nonexistent. BEfore having kids I was one that leaned towards that the newer generations need to have tougher skins but now having kids I am on the opposite. I want my children and other children to feel safe and protected at school and away. New laws are needed in place to protect kids and to let them learn and grow with some comfort. Social media is here and isn't going away.